The PSL laboratory provides a full range of Laboratory Testing solutions for soil, rock and aggregates that meet the relevant British and European standards.

Soils Testing Laboratory Services

Soil testing is the analysis and measurement of the material characteristics, composition, and behaviour of a variety of materials used in construction projects. Construction materials and components could include the classification testing of aggregates, soils, rocks, and concrete.

Using sophisticated soils testing machines, including:

  • Automated Ring Shears
  • Effective Stress Systems
  • Permeability Systems
  • ACONS Consolidation
  • Large and Small Shear Boxes

We take a sample of the required material whether this is soil rock or aggregates and analyse it in our UKAS 4043 accredited laboratory with a series of standardised tests. (Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS 4043 schedule of accreditation).

We then produce results breakdown from the data in a detailed but simple report. This is available for you to download online, anywhere and anytime.

A Lab Technician working in the Laboratory Consolidation Room
PSL Effective Stress Machine in our Laboratory

Effective Stress Systems

Stress Testing in the PSL Laboratory

Effective Stress Systems

Automated Shear Box Testing Machine

Small Shear Boxes

Large Shearbox

Large Shear Boxes

Benefits of Material Testing 

Many large-scale construction projects require the correct testing of material properties by licensed professionals to meet regulatory requirements. This includes - soil laboratory testing, rock laboratory testing and aggregates laboratory testing.

  • Ensuring the materials are suitable for the required uses
  • Identification of possible areas of concern
  • Adhering to quality and legal requirements
  • Keeping your project compliant
  • Reducing the risk of future financial penalties
  • Completing projects to budget and deadlines
Testing the permeability in our Soil Laboratory

Permeability Systems

Permeability Testing in our laboratory

Permeability Systems

A Lab Technician working in the Laboratory Consolidation Room

ACONS Consolidation

A Lab Technician performing a saturated cylindrical soil specimen

ACONS Consolidation

Laboratory Testing Services
Aggregates Icon

Aggregate Testing

Our experienced laboratory staff conduct physical and mechanical testing on a wide range of natural and recycled aggregate. Our testing solutions are ideal for the civil engineering and construction industries.

Concrete Icon

Concrete Testing

Our UKAS 4043 accredited laboratory supplies a broad range of concrete testing including concrete cube testing and diamond core drilling. We help ensure you adhere to the required standards for your project to stay compliant.

Contamination Icon

Contamination Testing

We provide a comprehensive range of contamination testing, supported with quick online reporting. Contamination testing is of particular use on site redevelopments, land purchases, landfill sites and waste disposal.

Geology Icon

Rock Testing

Our modern facilities house the latest testing solutions to perform a comprehensive selection of geotechnical rock tests. With project deadlines to meet, we always strive to provide you with accurate, fast, and professional testing.

Advanced Soil Icon

Soil Testing

Our professional laboratory provides a full range of soil testing solutions that meet the relevant British and European standards. We conduct a full assessment of the quality and suitability of the soil. Results assist in your project planning and decision-making to save you avoidable future costs.