Our location gives us excellent access to the A1, M18, M1 and M62 motorways and means wherever our clients in-situ testing requirements are, we are able to meet their expectations at their convenience.

Convenient Testing Services

Our onsite laboratory and in-situ testing services provides a wide range of testing techniques. Our solutions cover requirements for compliance testing, earthworks validation and stability of platforms for piling rigs and cranes. Our expert team of field technicians will provide you with a professional independent assessment of the underlying materials.

The flexibility of our team and methods we adopt mean that our clients will always be given the option that’s best suited to the conditions encountered on site.

PSL offer in-situ testing
In-Situ and Field Testing Services
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California Bearing Ratio

We offer California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Tests for the civil engineering sector to help design and plan the thickness of road and pavement construction.

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Concrete Sampling

Our highly trained experts provide concrete sample testing for the engineering and construction industry. All testing is performed in UKAS 4043 accredited labs. (Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS 4043 schedule of accreditation).

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Coring Services

We offer independent core sampling, street works inspection and diamond drilling. We serve local authorities, utilities, contractors and private customers.

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Drilling Services

We offer specialist core drilling services and a wide range of borehole testing for all soil types and sites across the UK.

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Landfill Site Testing

We provide fast, professional, and reliable WAC Test and landfill site testing services including density and permeability testing.

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Plate Bearing Testing

We provide Plate Bearing Tests which determine the maximum bearing capacity of the soil and rocks underneath your area of work.