Our network of accredited field technicians can be readily available to complete any In-Situ Density Testing for construction and environmental industries.

We can test your earthworks on site for density and shear strength, including soil, sand, gravel, saturated clays, and silts.

We will test for natural pore spaces, voids, alteration, oxidation, and intrusions.

We can then report on the suitability of the site for its:

  • Bearing capacity
  • Pressure exerted on underlying layers
  • Stability of the sample layer
  • Sample settlement
SRD Testing
In-Situ Density Services

We currently use a variety of testing methods including:

  • Continuous Sampling
  • Undisturbed Soil Sampling (U100)
  • Dynamic Probing (DPH and DPSH)
  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • Window and Windowless Sampling
  • Piling Depths Determination
  • Void and Buried Obstruction Locations
  • Archaeological and Other Sensitive Work
  • Landfill Site Testing
  • Density Testing by Sand Replacement BS 1377-9
Machine Sieving Soil
Coring concrete
PSL offer in-situ testing